A little bit about me

Qualifications and training

I have always been incredibly interested in the mind and how it works. After completing a degree in Psychology, I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to helping others in this area and become fully qualified as a hypnotherapist and counsellor. I spent three years completing my diplomas in Hypnotherapy and Advanced Psychotherapeutic Counselling and since then have completed training in Mindfulness Based Cogntive Therapy and become a licensed Hypno-Chemo practitioner and Kinetic Shift practitioner. I am always completing more training and pushing myelf to learn more and develop as a therapist. The larger the tool kit, the more work that can be done!

I started out offering both counselling and hypnotherapy services but after seeing such fast and dramatic improvements with my hypnotherapy clients in comparison to my counselling clients I decided that the world of hypnotherapy was where I wanted to focus my time. I value my counselling skills greatly and utilise them daily within my therapeutic approach.


Everyday I am amazed at how powerful these therapies can be. Using hypnosis and deep relaxation or simply listening to someone and allowing them to share their thoughts in a safe evironment without judgement can encourage powerful positive change in an indiduals life. It's safe to say, that I truly love my job.

My practice

I run my practice from home in Badger Farm, Winchester. I offer a peaceful and relaxing treatment space in a quiet area of winchester without the regular noises and disturbances that are often found in the city centre. Not to mention, free parking, a true novelty in Winchester. 

Outside of work

When I am not working you can find me outdoors. Whether it's rock climbing, hiking, camping or travelling, being outdoors amongst nature is my passion and my own form of therapy.