Hypnotherapy for Relaxation

Hypnosis is like a massage for the soul.

This is what I often tell my clients when they come out of a deeply relaxing state of hypnosis and go 'WOW'. 

Hypnosis is not a state of relaxation but relaxation is a symptom of hypnosis. And when relaxation becomes a focus of the session the result is wonderful tranquil escape.

Clients will often come to hypnotherapy to take a time out from a busy or stressful life. A bit like going for a massage, hypnotherapy can ease away stress both mentally and physically and leave you feeling calm, resilient and immensely relaxed.

If you want to escape the world for an hour then please don't hesitate to get in contact.

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Disclaimer: Please note that as with every type of therapy or treatment, there is no guarantee of specific results and each persons results may vary. As a hypnotherapist I am just a facilitator for change and therapy requires that the client be committed to making those changes.